Alfama, Lisbon

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Lisbon stole my heart when I first visited it back in 2017. I have now had the pleasure of going to this wonderful city three times and intend on taking a fourth trip there over Christmas. I can’t quite put my finger on what keeps drawing me back there, as usually I am not one for revisiting cities, especially not in such a short space of time. I think it might be the combination of the beautiful but run down architecture, the friendly people and the wonderful food.

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Lisbon is a city that despite it’s hills is made for walking. For me it’s the only way to take in all that it has to offer, this is particularly true of Alfama. The oldest disctrict in the city, Alfama is a maze of cobbled streets that are made for getting lost in. Along every street you will find beautiful buildings decorated in traditional Portuguese tiles and chances are you will see one of the old ladies of Alfama selling Ginja, a sweet cherry liqueur that originated in Lisbon.

During my latest trip I decided to stay in the Alfama District and spent most of my spare time just exploring the area. It has a chilled out relaxed vibe. The streets are lined with bars and restaurants but it does not have the party scene that the Bairro Alto district has. So if partying isn’t your bag, Alfama is the perfect spot for sitting back and relaxing with a big glass of sangria and watching the world go by.

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There is something about Alfama that makes me feel like I have stepped back in time. I’m not sure if it is it’s slightly run down exterior or the lines of laundry that are hung out of the houses, or the old ladies gossiping on the street. To be honest, it’s probably all of the above. What I do know is, it is a joy to photograph and I hope it never loses it’s charm.