Finding Inspiration

Sheffield Winter Garden.jpg

My main goal for 2019 is to push myself with my photography. 2018 was very up and down and I went for long periods of time feeling very uninspired and there were months where I didn’t even pick up my camera. The only exception to this was when I travelled. However, even during my travels it felt like I had fallen into a bit of a rut and I wasn’t really moving in the direction I wanted to.

With that in mind, I have decided to invest in my love of photography. At the end of last year I upgraded my camera and I booked a trip to New York specifically to take photos. I spent days just walking around just taking photos of the city. My investment hasn’t stopped there though. Over the next few months I have a photography course booked, as well as a trip booked to The Photography Show. Both of which I hope will provide me with the tools to really push myself.

My investment isn’t only financial, I will also be taking trips every weekend to local places and giving myself projects to complete. The idea behind this is to encourage me to take my camera out more often and try out new things. This is even more important to me this year as I won’t be travelling abroad as much as I did last year so finding inspiration closer to home is a major goal of mine.

This weekend I popped into Sheffield and took a few shots of inside the Winter Gardens. It is one of my favourite places in the city, all the plants make for a very relaxing environment even if there are a lot of people around. My aim here was to capture a few close up shots of the various plants and flowers. I had varying degrees of success with this which has a lot to do with the light which was not amazing, hence why I decided to make some of these shots back and white. I had fun trying out different settings working out what produce the best image. The idea behind this though isn’t perfection, its about learning new things and seeing what works and what does’t in certain situations.

I will share some of my favourite trips here on the blog as a way to record my photographic journey this year. Here are a few images from todays shoot.

Sheffield Winter Gardens 3.jpg
Sheffield WInter Garden 3.jpg
Sheffield Winter Gardens 5.jpg
Sheffield Winter Gardens 8.jpg
Sheffield Winter Gardens 4.jpg
Sheffield Winter Garden 2.jpg
Sheffield Winter Garden 7.jpg