A Stroll Through Sheffield's Winter Garden

This weekend Carl And I took trip through to Sheffield. We often go through to the city at the weekend to have some brunch or drink some good coffee, which is something we can't get in Doncaster! This weekend was no exception and we sipped on some flat whites in Tamper before heading to the Great Gatsby for a yummy Mexican food feast! Afterwards, to work off some of those calories, we took a stroll down to the Winter Garden to look at some of the exotic plants. It has probably been well over a year since I last went to the Winter Garden which it pretty shameful, but I never really venture into the that part of town these days.

Winter Gardens Sheffield.jpg

The garden is very big but I find it super relaxing to sit in. I don't know what it is about plants but they have a way of making me feel very zen. I would recommend going there if you are feeling a bit stressed. Of course, while we were there I took a million photos because I just can't help myself! As you can see below I think Carl got a little bit bored waiting for me to finish! 

It was quite busy on the Saturday but I actually went back on Sunday (to take more photos!) and it was much quieter. I am now making a mental note not to leave it so long before my next visit to this beautiful greenhouse! 

Have you been to the Winter Garden before?


Hello and welcome to my revamped portfolio! Those of you familiar with my previous design will notice quite a big change. I have chosen a new template which allows me to display my work in a way that works much better for my travel photography. Having collections helps me to show off the uniqueness of each of the destinations I have visited!

I am also going to post the occasional blog post on here too. Followers of my main blog, Daydreams of Summertime will know it has been a while since I have posted anything over there. Honestly, I have lost the love for that space for the moment at least, although I am still not sure I want to give it up forever! 

For now it makes sense to have everything in one space, at the moment things feel a bit disjointed between my platforms and it is difficult to run both my blog and portfolio separately - one of them always seems to end up being neglected. Also, I want a blank canvas. I have had my old blog for nearly fours years now and it just does't fill me with excitement anymore. 

So this space is where everything will be from now on. I still have bits and pieces to add to the site such as a new shop where I will be selling some of my travel prints. Also, more locally, I will be running some photography workshops in the near future. So please do follow me on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to keep updated!

And that is all for now, other than to say I hope you enjoy looking around my new website!

Have a great week!